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Affiliate Marketing and High Risk Merchants

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Amazon’s Threatening to Stop Accepting Visa

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High Risk Merchant Accounts; the L3 Payments Specialty

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What is Cross-border Acquiring and How Does it Affect High-Risk Merchants?

What is Interchange?

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Chargeback Reduction 101: The Basics of Chargeback Reduction Models

Friendly Fraud: What Is It, How Does It Affect Merchants, and What Can You Do To Combat It?

What are the Visa and Mastercard Trial Rules and How do They Affect Merchants?

Square, Stripe, and Other Payment Facilitators: They May Be Quick and Simple, but Is There a Catch?

Does L3 Payments Work with My Shopify Store

L3 Payments Newsletter - June 2020

Understanding Banks’ Attitudes Towards Negative Option Billing 

Pay your Contractors Quickly and Reliably with L3 Payments

The Impacts of Visa’s New Dispute Processing Rules

Understanding Visa's VFMP & VCMP Programs

Merchants and Customers Rejoice as EU Reduces Swipe Fees

MasterCard News

Banking is a service, not a right!

May Newsletter

Compliant Merchant Account, So What!

April Newsletter

Bitcoin: What The Regulators Are Saying

March Newsletter

Six suggestions for Merchant Payments regarding Operation Choke Point

February Newsletter

Keeping your ReSolutions

Reduce Fraud with More Rules and Less Thinking

December Newsletter

ACH: it boosts your bottom line

November Newsletter

5 Things You Didn’t Know About ACH

October Newsletter

Underwriting Inconsistencies Explained

September Newsletter

How Does Chargeback Responsibility Affect Online Merchants?

Tips to Prevent e-Commerce Fraud

Is Your Business Being Affected by “ Friendly Fraud ”?

Partner with your Merchant Account Processor

Don’t Fall Prey to Chargeback Abuse

Summer Newsletter

Picking the Pockets of Merchants

The Growing Problem of Cyber Shoplifting

Fraud Detection Can Save Your Small Business

Battling the Cyber Crime of Fraudulent Chargebacks

Dealing with Dishonest Chargebacks from Customers

Three Tips for Preventing Credit Card Consumer Fraud

Guard Your Business against Online Merchant Theft

Consumer Support - More than an Expense

June Newsletter

May Newsletter

Merchant Accounts Catching Fraudulent Transactions Earlier

April Newsletter

Validating Bank Accounts

Not Too Hip for a Merchant to be Square

Merchants Bear Responsibility in Consumer Initiated Fraud

Computer Generated Online Fraud

Solutions for Consumer Initiated Fraud Issue 2

Steps Toward Balance regarding Consumer Fraud

March Newsletter

ACH Account Validation

Happy Valentine's Day from L3 Payments!

Credit Card Fraud - Score one for the Good Guys!

February Newsletter

50% of Online Payment Fraud is likely "Liar Buyers"

Consumer Initiated Fraud Examined

The Invention of Lying

January Newsletter

Closing the Gap: merchants to merchant account providers

L3 Payments Receives 2013 XBIZ Award Nomination for Billing Company of the Year

Opening a US Merchant Account

Consumer Fraud: Lack of Accountability

Chargebacks, now what?

December Newsletter

Consumer Protection News

Are you unfair or deceptive?

Task Force to Curb Fraudulent Merchant Accounts

November Newsletter

Who has the financial risk on a merchant account?

Quick Survey

The Excited States of America

Payment Facilitator News

October Newsletter

Foreign Banks and Merchant Accounts

New Banks in High-Risk Merchant Processing! NOT

Jolly Good

Affiliates, do you know who you are doing business with?

Niche Dating

Merchant Accounts in Other Countries

Keeping You in the L3 Payments Loop

Visa Up-Selling Rules

Why Merchants Should Offer ACH Payments: A Modern Story

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Hooray for MasterCard

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