Can I use L3 Payments With My BigCommerce Store?

Many BigCommerce customers ask the same question: will a merchant account set up through L3 Payments work with my BigCommerce Store? You’ll be delighted to hear that the answer to that question is a resounding YES! Not only does it work, but it also has a significant number of benefits that will help BigCommerce customers manage their payment acceptance, risk, and cash flow more effectively.

In this article, we will discuss what BigCommerce is, how it differs from L3, and how each companies’ services complement each other to ensure your business runs as fluid as a fresh river.

What is BigCommerce?

BigCommerce is an eCommerce shopping cart. A shopping cart is a piece of software that sits on an online retailer’s site and allows customers to purchase goods and services. When customers put items into the shopping cart and click something along the lines of “buy,” the shopping cart accepts the customer’s payment before sending that information out to the merchant, payment processor, and any other relevant parties to ensure a seamless transaction.

Using BigCommerce gives you options when it comes to accepting online payments. They provide you the freedom to choose what is best for your business from a staggering 65 payment gateway integrations. BigCommerce tends to integrate the payment gateways with the most frequently used digital and mobile wallets, including Apple Pay and PayPal. Be aware that your payment gateways options will differ depending on the country your store is situated in and the currency you use. 

For more information on which online payment methods BigCommerce accepts, click here

One of the main advantages of using BigCommerce is that they are often less restrictive with their service providers’ integrations than many other shopping cart providers. They even provide recommendations to services that may be more beneficial to high-risk merchants than to lower-risk models. Furthermore, BigCommerce does not penalize their customers for using outside payment processors, unlike some other shopping cart companies that charge additional fees. BigCommerce also offers multi-channel selling like Instagram checkout, Facebook checkout, and Amazon. Their interface, knowledgebase, and documentation are easy to follow, and they provide stellar support. In short, BigCommerce is a cost-effective and feature-rich solution to your shopping cart needs.

What is the gateway that payments have to pass through?

The gateway is the software used to send the transaction from Point A to Point B. It contains the customer billing data and takes it from the checkout page, through the Visa or MasterCard network to the credit card issuing bank, and finally on to your merchant bank. The gateway establishes the connection from your storefront (online or otherwise) to the consumer’s bank and takes the transaction back to your merchant bank/account. 

How L3 Can Support Your Existing BigCommerce Store

Integrating L3 into your BigCommerce store is a simple process and will help your business significantly. 

L3 assists high-risk merchants with establishing a direct merchant account through one of our partner banks. We configure this merchant account to work with any number of payment gateways that BigCommerce supports.

Through BigCommerce’s simple to use admin interface, you can select the gateway you wish to use and, in most cases, plug-in a few simple merchant account settings and be up and running.

BigCommerce supports many compatible gateways once you acquire an L3 merchant account. The gateways include NMI, Authorize.Net, and USAePay, each of which supports high-risk merchants.

For a full list of BigCommerce gateways, complete with their features, click here. If you feel overwhelmed by this list due to the sheer number of options, and are unsure about what gateway is best to use for your business, contact one of our representatives at L3.
L3 Payments Merchant Services

If I Am Going to Use BigCommerce and I need a Gateway, Why Do I Need L3?

L3 offers a significant number of benefits when you decide to operate through your direct merchant account. Although you can run through your direct merchant account yourself, the process is complicated and time consuming. At L3, our payments experts have the know-how and experience to take care of this process, so you can spend more time focusing on growing your business. The benefits L3 offer include:

  • A direct relationship with a Visa sponsored bank. We take the time to review and understand your business, so you do not encounter surprises once you accept credit cards.
  • Options for business types deemed "high-risk" such as CBD, subscription services, dating, and many others.
  • Faster settlement periods, with better rates for clean, well-performing accounts versus a "catch-all" rate.
  • Stellar customer support. The L3 team is always on hand to answer your questions and offer guidance whenever needed.
  • Being an advocate of you and your business. On your behalf, L3 will work with the merchant bank and credit card schemes to ensure your business payments run smoothly and optimally. 

In other words, L3 is the banking piece of the puzzle. We work with our partner banks to ensure merchants have an established, stable, and long-term home to process their payments. As we’ve touched on, establishing a direct merchant account enables merchants to take ultimate control over their payment processing, secure their virtual cash register, and manage risk. Our support is unmatched. Roughly 80% of support cases we resolve on the same day. As we create a direct relationship with the partner bank, we will always be a consultant and advocate to take you through any needs that arise. 


So is BigCommerce right for your business?

You have a variety of options when it comes to finding the right shopping cart for your business. BigCommerce offers you excellent service as a shopping cart, tons of options, and exceptional customer support. L3 can help you facilitate payments through the gateways and manage your accounts, freeing up your time. Using the two in tandem could just be the perfect match your business needs to run optimally. 


If you have any additional questions on how BigCommerce and L3 can work in tandem, or other payment needs or inquiries, we'd love to chat with you! 

L3 Payments Merchant Services

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