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Since 2005 L3 Payments has been a leader in merchant account acquisition for high-risk and hard-to-place merchants.

Is your business considered “high-risk”? 

The term “high-risk” is applied generally to merchants and industries that banks, Visa, or Mastercard consider to face outstanding challenges or have significant risks associated with them.

A few examples of a high-risk merchant industry include:

You may not even realize that you are a high-risk merchant until the time comes for you to find a credit card merchant account or processor. If you encounter the term “high-risk” in relation to your business, relax. We are here to help you understand why your business is considered high-risk, and how you can best find a provider that best suits your business’ payment needs.

To learn more about merchant classifications and MCC codes, view our in-depth coverage here.

L3 Payments Merchant Services

What does L3 Payments offer to “high-risk” merchants?

At L3, we learn about your business and connect you with banking partners who have experience servicing your industry type. We take a consultative approach to assist with underwriting and compliance, addressing any questions you may have along the way.

We also provide guidance in areas such as risk and chargeback management. Whether you are selling anything from CBD to travel services to credit repair, we have the experience and the relationships to help you secure the long-term health of your merchant accounts.

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Regardless of your business and the challenges you may face, if there is a bank that services your industry, we will bring them to you.

Reach out today to speak with one of our merchant services experts.

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