Does L3 Payments Work with My Shopify Store

Shopify customers frequently ask whether a merchant account set up through L3 Payments will work with Shopify. The answer is YES!

How Does it Work?

Shopify enables payments through several different gateways via what they classify as either "direct" or "external" payment providers.

Through their simple to use admin interface, you can select the gateway you wish to use and, in most cases, plug-in a few simple merchant account settings and be up and running.

In summary:

  • A "direct" provider is a form of payment included on the Shopify checkout.
  • An "external" provider integrates with Shopify, and when your customer completes their order, they are redirected away from the Shopify cart to the cart of the payment provider.

When you acquire a merchant account through L3 Payments, you will need to work with a third party gateway that controls the transmission of customer sale requests.

Shopify provides a list of supported gateways, most of which will be compatible with a merchant account you acquire via L3. Shopify provides more detailed information about, a gateway that is fully compatible with L3 sponsored merchant accounts.

If I Need Shopify and I Need a Gateway, Why do I Need L3?

There are many benefits to operating through your direct merchant account, which can be facilitated by L3 Payments. These include:

  • A direct relationship with a Visa sponsored bank that takes the time to review and understand your business so there are no surprises once you're accepting credit cards.
  • Options for business types deemed "high-risk" such as CBD, subscription services, and dating among others.
  • Faster settlement periods, with better rates for clean, well-performing accounts vs. a "catch-all" rate.
  • Stellar customer support. The L3 team is standing by to answer questions and guidance along the way.
  • L3 works as an advocate on your behalf with the merchant bank and credit card schemes.

Let's take a quick look at how the three services work together:

Shopify is, of course, your storefront and, likely, store backend/warehouse as well.

Think of the gateway as the software that sends the transaction - containing the customer billing data - from Point A to Point B. They establish the connection from your storefront to the consumer bank and back to your merchant bank/merchant account.

L3 is the banking piece of the equation. We work with our partner banks to ensure merchants have an established, stable, and long-term home to process their payments.

Our support is unparalleled, with approximately 80% of support cases resolved the same day. While we create a direct relationship with the partner bank, we remain involved as a consultant and advocate to help you navigate any needs that arise.

If you have any additional questions on how Shopify and L3 fit, or other payment needs, we'd love to chat! 800-277-7785 or


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